From Barcelona, in Catalonia, BUT currently doing my PhD in Bristol, in the UK, BUT my topic does not concern Catlaonia, neither the UK, but politics in Cambodia.  


I have been living abroad since 2012 – the UK, Cambodia and Thailand. I have spend most of these years in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, where I teach political science and global affairs, and where I also wrote a PhD proposal on social media and democracy in Cambodia. I will start this project in autumn 2017 at the University of Bristol, in the Southwest of England. Therefore, my life happens among Bristol, Barcelona and Phnom Penh. On a seperate note, I am also research fellow at the Cambodian Institute for Cooperation and Peace, in Phnom Penh.

My interests encompass the social side of politics: democracy, human rights, development, education, social media, authoritarianism. My inerest for East Asia began a long while ago, but I gained depth on such topics after graduation in East Asian Studies from the University of Leeds, UK, and moving to Southeast Asia.

I get very attached to the places I live in, but I also love the feeling of being a bit nomad. Travelling, finding new places is a must; I find pleasure in moving around – in its literal meaning.

Sarcasm is within me – sometimes I just can’t avoid it – and you could keep me alive with just some Japense food, popcorn and a glass of chilled, fruity, white wine. I always select aisle seats on aeroplanes, at the back of the aircraft.



This blog is a compilation of short articles showing my points of view on topics related to my professional activity, travel experience and life in Asia. I post in English, Calatan and Spanish language.